As New Haven’s premier game lounge and shop, Elm City Games hosts a variety of regular weekly events for all types of Magic The Gathering Players. These are our current regular games, but we also host special events around prereleases and new sets which can be found on our full calendar.

Our focus is on creating a warm and welcoming environment for all our players. If you are looking for a Spikey High-Level Super-Competitive MTG Environment, then Elm City Games and our Magic events are probably not for you.

Unless otherwise noted, participation in any Elm City Games Magic Event is included in our standard $10 Day Pass (or $20 Monthly Pass).

At Elm City Games we welcome players of all experiences levels to find the event that’s right you and invite you to join us for fun, casual, and friendly games of Magic The Gathering.


Monday: Magic The Gathering for Beginners and Super Casual

Want to see what Magic is all about? Looking to get back into the game after a while away? Have a bunch of random cards from the 90s? Just want to play in a super relaxed and casual environment? Then Monday Nights are for you. No experience, deck, or cards needed to come down and start playing.


Wednesday: Commander Night

Looking for some casual multiplayer? Like ridiculous combos and weird cards?  We do casual Commander on Wednesday night. We keep it casual, though some players have more serious decks they pull out from time to time. You can learn more about the Commander format  at the official Wizards of the Coast page or come down to Elm City Games any Wednesday night and we’ll help get you started.


Thursday: Modern Constructed Tournament

Just because we like keeping it casual doesn’t mean that we can’t get a bit competitive. Thursday nights at 6 pm we run a 3-Round Modern Tournament. Entry fee is $10 for nonmembers and $5 for members. Prizes scale with number of players.

Friday: Booster Draft

Love opening booster packs? For Friday Night Magic we do a current set booster draft at 7:30 PM. Open packs, draft your cards, build your deck, and then put it to the test. Friday Night Magic is an officially sanctioned Wizards of The Coast event with promos and prizes for winners, but win or lose everyone gets to keep their cards. You can learn more about how booster drafts work at the official at the official Wizards of The Coast Page.  Participation in our Booster Drafts is $18 for nonmembers and $15 for members


Saturday: Standard Showdown


Bring your best, or just your favorite, Standard deck (made from recently released Magic sets) and compete for a chance to win a special Showdown Booster Pack with guaranteed rares or mythic rares and two foil cards plus scaled prizes based on the number of players. Tournament entry fee is $10 for nonmembers and $5 for members.


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