We are a table top game shop and gaming space. Come by and pick up your favorite games or we will show you some of the games we love. We have a curated selection of board games, card games, role playing books, miniatures, dice, Magic the Gathering, sleeves, puzzles, Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, Star Wars Legion, Citadel Paint and supplies, Reaper Paint, and more!!! We also sell gift cards!

In addition we have more than 1,400 games available in our in shop library with a $10 day pass per person or $20 per month per person for unlimited play in our space. We have a bunch of different types of table space available that will be great for whatever experience you are looking for including space that is great for large groups. We would love to teach you some new amazingly fun games! When you are looking for us, look for the pink banner in the window and we are on the 2nd floor of Agora.
Our hours are:
Monday - 9am-10pm
Tuesday - 9am-10pm
Wednesday - 9am - 10pm
Thursday - 9am- 10pm
Friday - 9am - 12am
Saturday - 12pm - 12am
Sunday - 12pm - 10pm

Harassment Policy

We expect all members and guests to treat each other with common courtesy and respect. We are a progressive, intersectional feminist driven space, and as such we take harassment of any sort very seriously. Elm City Games does not permit harassment in regards to sex, gender, sexual orientation, dress, age, race, religion or lack thereof, or disability.

Harassment includes any behavior that annoys, alarms, demeans, or threatens another person or group. Harassment includes (but is not limited to) verbal comments, the use of overly sexual imagery in public areas, intimidation, stalking, unauthorized photography or recording, inappropriate physical contact, unwanted sexual attention, and the disruption of events or activities. If someone asks you to stop or to leave them alone, do so immediately. Continuing contact with that person may be considered harassment.

If you feel you are being harassed, fear for your safety, or witness someone harassing others, please report it to an Elm City Games staff member. We strive to make any such reports as easy, comfortable, and supportive as possible. With that in mind, don’t hesitate to make requests on how/when/who you speak to about any issues. All harassment reports will be investigated and dealt with thoroughly, with consequences including, but not limited to, the revocation of membership, ejection from the site, or the involvement of local authorities.

Conflict Resolution Process

  1. If a member has a problem with the actions of behaviors of another member, they must first try to resolve the problem directly with that person or within a group.

  2. If the problem persists, the member will be asked to put the complaint in writing and address the communication to a staff member. Elm City Games staff will review the complaint, speak with both parties, and propose a solution.

  3. If the problem continues to persist or if either party is dissatisfied with the proposed solution, Elm City Games may choose to terminate the lease or membership agreement of either party based on its best judgment. Elm City Games is committed to ensuring fairness, transparency, accessibility, and accountability in the conflict resolution process. Our hope is that all members will show flexibility, compromise, and respect to work collaboratively to address concerns.


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Elm City Games

760 Chapel Street
2nd Floor
New Haven, CT

Tel. (203) 689-3532

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